Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate Higher Level Exams

Students with Advanced Placement (AP) Exam credits or credits from International Baccalaureate Higher (IBH) Level Exams should submit their official records to the UCSC Admissions Office. Exam scores are not listed on your high school transcript nor are they submitted by your high school. Be sure to include all exams taken throughout high school and not just those taken during your senior year. A passing score may be applied to your general education requirements as well as toward the credits requirement for graduation. In some cases, these may also serve to satisfy major requirements or prerequisites. See the AP-IB Chart for details about credits, general education requirements, and more. As a reminder, all records and transcripts must be submitted to the UCSC Office of Admissions by July 1, 2015. All exam score reports must be submitted to the Office of Admissions by July 15, 2015. Check your student portal ( to see if you have any outstanding records that have not been received. If you feel there is a discrepancy in your student portal, contact the Admissions Office before the July 1 deadline. The University of California, Santa Cruz school code is 4860.