Meet the Advising Team


C9/JRLC Lead Academic Preceptor, Adrian Campos Arenas

Pronouns: He/Him

About Me: As a son of two immigrant parents from México, I did not know much about college other than it was something that I should want to pursue. Looking back at my time as a UCSC undergrad..., Read more.

Hometown: San José, California


  • B.S., Human Biology, UC Santa Cruz '16


C9/JRLC Academic Advisor, Chelsea Hamnes

Pronouns: She/Her & They/Them

About Me: A proud Alumna banana slug from the South Bay, I was a transfer student from West Valley College to UC Santa Cruz and graduated with my BA in Psychology and an Education minor in 2016 with honors. I first... Read more.

Hometown: South Bay (San Francisco Bay Area), California


  • A.A.T., Psychology, West Valley College ‘14
  • B.A., Psychology, UC Santa Cruz ‘16
  • Minor in Education, UC Santa Cruz ‘16
  • M.S., College and Career Counseling candidate, San Francisco State University


C9/JRLC Academic Advisor, Gloria Salazar

Pronouns: She/Ella

About Me: I am a fellow Banana Slug and John R. Lewis College alumna who loves all things nature, animals and food. Stop by for answers to your advising questions or to chat about pets, plants, or yummy recipes! Read my Personal Philosophy of Advising here

Hometown: SoCal


  • B.A., Latin American and Latino Studies/Sociology, UC Santa Cruz
  • M.A., Education: Counseling and Guidance, San Jose State University

C9/JRLC Academic Advisor, Monica Baker

Pronouns: She/Her

About Me: I am an Academic Advisor of John R. Lewis College and College Nine with a passion and dedication to supporting students on their education career journey. I graduated Cum Laude from San Jose State University... Read more.


  • B.A., Behavioral Science, San Jose State University
  • M.A., Education Counseling, San Jose State University

C9/JRLC Academic Advisor, Tansel Pope

Pronouns: He/Him

About Me: My advising philosophy is informed by my studies and personal experiences. As an undergrad studying linguistics, I dived deep into the intersections between the fields of linguistics and education... Read more.

HometownVallejo, California


  • B.A., Linguistics, UC Riverside
  • B.A., Global Studies, UC Riverside

C9/JRLC Academic Advisor, Claudia Torres Arias

Pronouns: She/They

About Me: Growing up undocumented within an immigrant low-income household, I believed for a long time that receiving an education was an unattainable and unrealistic goal for my family and I due to my socioeconomic and legal status... Read more.


  • B.A., Psychology, UC Santa Cruz '21
  • B.A., Sociology, UC Santa Cruz '21

EOP Academic Counselor & C9/JRLC Liaison

Pronouns: He/Him

About Me: My name is Maurice Nicholson and I am currently serving as the EOP Academic Counselor for the Peer Advising Leaders (PALS). I love sports, comics and art as well as cooking in my spare time. I believe that learning is a never ending journey and that we should never stop educating ourselves and growing. I am proud to be serving the students here at the University of California, Santa Cruz and hope to make an impact in the lives of our students and the campus at large.