About (H)ACER

What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is a model of learning in situ; learning with others and by doing. Apprenticeship rarely happens exclusively in the classroom and requires varying activities that supports diversified student engagement. We developed our program in (H)ACER to provide community learning opportunities for students, which then transitions in our (H)ACER class series. The classes train students in research methodologies, support data collection and analysis with our community and university partners, and provide cutting-edge and methodologically rich research experiences for UCSC undergraduate students. These classes set students up to develop their own research projects that can then extend into senior theses and pathways to distinction in College Nine and John R. Lewis College.


What do we do?

(H)ACER integrates various community engaged learning experiences alongside community-engaged research projects. We develop deep partnerships with a select few schools and community organizations and support social justice oriented practices and programs at these sites (called ‘research labs’). We support student engagement with our community partners, train students in ethnographic research methodologies, and scaffold student learning to become knowledge producers. Our research projects and community sites are tied together through the following themes: education, schooling, Land, environment, food and imagining sustainable futures.


How can you get involved?

As a first or second year student, start with Alternative Spring Break or sign up for one of our 2-unit internships. You will learn about some of our community partners and how we approach collaboration and research. Then, in your third year, enroll in our series of research methods classes. You may want to turn your work into a senior thesis!