Student Project Funds 2023 - 2024

 There is a modest fund to support undergraduate student projects this year. Both individual and collective efforts are encouraged.  Assistance will be considered in the following areas:

  1. Academic research.
  2. Creative initiatives.
  3. Artistic endeavors.
  4. Public events of benefit to one or more colleges or to the campus community.  

Funding for individual projects can be matching, partial, or full, depending on merit, funds available, and other funding sources.

Proposals will be accepted only from registered undergraduate College Nine or John R. Lewis College students, and will be judged competitively in terms of merit.  In making awards, efforts wil be made to maximize the number of students who may benefit from these limited funds.  Additionally, the extent to which a project will benefit a college or the University community will be considered.  Awards will be granted quarterly.

Proposals for registered student organizations projects should be directed to Core Council Funding through the Student Organization Advising and Resources (SOAR) office.

The deadline for the application for these funds is the Friday of the third week of the quarter. Notifications will be sent by the following Friday.

Submission Deadlines





November 6th, 2023

 November 20th, 2023


February 12th, 2024

February 26th, 2024


May 13th, 2024

May 28th, 2024

Please be sure you have the following materials prepared before starting this application:

1.) An abstract (500 words/3000 characters) describing your project and it's benefit to your college or campus community.
2.) A PDF of your project proposal that includes:
  • Narrative - The narrative description of the project double spaced, and limited to three pages. It should include the following sections: 
    • Background or need for the project. What needs to be done and why?
    • Objective(s). What are the proposed outcomes of the project (usually in response to the need statement)?
    • Procedures. How the objectives will be met; the design of the project. Who, Where, How, and When - be specific.
    • Personal qualifications. Demonstrate that you have the technical ability or background to carry out the project.
    • Dissemination of results. Who benefits or is affected? How?
  • Budget: A complete, itemized budget - preferably with price quotes from specific vendors.
3.) Faculty Sponsor Approval: All proposals must be accompanied by a pdf of an email from your faculty sponsor approving you proposal narrative and budget. The email must clearly show their name and cruzid, and their approval for the proposal. Please follow this link for an example.

Questions? Contact the College Academic Manager at

Ready to submit? Fill out the Application for JRLC Student Project Funds via Google Form.