Venue Reservations

This is an old version of this website. It no longer has accurate information. Please visit the current page.

We are pleased to announce that our venues will be available for reservations and events in the coming 2021-2022 academic year! With this change, we want to be certain that we are following guidelines to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and emerging variants. Many of these changes are as follows:

All attendees for indoor events are required to wear a mask. This is in accordance with the California Department of Public Health protocol. Additionally all UCSC employee, faculty, and student attendees to indoor events are required to have cleared the UCSC COVID-19 Symptom Tracker or up-to-date Clearance Badge. It is strongly recommended that event organizers maintain an attendance list. Lastly, indoor venue capacities have been reduced to further reduce the risk of spreading disease, please check our Facilities page for those updates.

Due to the closure of the RCC/Oakes Dining Hall, we anticipate that The College Nine and John R. Lewis College Dining Hall will have increased traffic throughout the week. In an effort to make sure that students have access to meals, the MPR will act as overflow seating for peak times and be unavailable for events. Please see Facilities page for the updated schedule. 

In order to mitigate some unavailability of the MPR, we are in the process of folding in the lawn between Social Sciences 1&2 and the Recreation Lounge to our roster of reservable locations for limited events. Please check back here for details once that process is finalized.

Updated Aug. 4, 2021

If you have questions about College Nine and John R. Lewis College facilities please contact