New Visiting Students

Visiting John R. Lewis College Students

Visiting students include those who are on an exchange program from a different country (international exchange), a different state (domestic exchange programs e.g. University of New Mexico or University of New Hampshire), or a different University of California campus (Intercampus Visitor Program). You may be here for one quarter or for one academic year. You may be working on classes toward your major or taking courses of interest. 

Be sure that you understand what your home institution requires of you:

  • Are you required to enroll in specific courses?
  • Are you required to enroll in a minimum number of units every quarter?
  • Are you allowed to take course for pass/no pass?


  • In most cases, you are likely to need the assistance of a department or major undergraduate adviser to help you with your enrollment in courses with prerequisites. You may be advised to contact the applicable instructor for a permission number if necessary.
  • You will be assigned an enrollment appointment time! You may view the date of your enrollment appointment in your student portal/student center. By selecting "details," you will be able to see what day and time you may begin enrolling in classes. (Be sure to check your portal for any enrollment holds that may prevent you from enrolling in classes.) 
  • Your enrollment will be limited to 19 units. However, if your school requires that you enroll in more than 19 credits, please submit the Petition to Increase Credit Limt. Please note that student may enroll in more than 19 units until the first day of instruction.  
  • For a video tutorial on how to learn how to enroll in classes, search for classes, drop classes, swap classes and change the grade type, please click here. For a pdf version, please click here.

International Orientation

Exchange students must attend a mandatory orientation provided by the Global Engagement Office to learn about your requirements to stay in compliance with your visa status. Students are expected to be enrolled full-time in a minimum of 12 credits. Exceptions for a Reduced Course Load may be granted only under specific circumstances.  You will have an opportunity to attend a college advising orientation in the fall during Welcome Week, and an international Education Office orientation specifically for visiting and matriculated international (F1 and J1) students.