John R. Lewis College Core Course

Every college at UCSC has its own distinct core course.  Social Justice and Community is the John R. Lewis College core course that all first-year students are required to take in the fall quarter. This course satisfies the college graduation requirement for students who have been admitted to UCSC as first-year students.   One of the goals underlying the course is to provide incoming students with a shared learning community.  Because all first-year students take this class, we hope that it becomes a catalyst for exploring ideas together as well as making new friends. When meeting another student from John R. Lewis College, you can always get things started by sharing your thoughts about the core course.  

Social Justice and Community

At John R. Lewis College our focus is on issues relating to community and social justice. Past topics in the John R. Lewis College core course included the following:

  • educational access and equality
  • criminalization, incarceration, and police brutality 
  • gender and transgender issues
  • race, class, and immigration
  • ecological degradation and climate change
  • what people can do
JRLC 1, Academic Literacy and Ethos: Social Justice and Community, John R. Lewis College Core. Core introduces students to critical and analytical reading at the university level. It is the required first part of a program of study (the Academic Literacy Curriculum). Most students will go on to take one or more additional classes through the Writing Program. JRLC 1 offers all students a foundation for intellectual exploration and personal development as members of an academic community. It teaches reading and thinking processes essential to success at the university, and “habits of mind” that demystify academic work and promote independent, self-reflective, and collaborative participation in campus culture. It focuses on Analysis, Critical thinking, Metacognition, Engagement with others across difference, and Self-efficacy--“ACMES” for short.

Note: John R. Lewis College does not have a summer assignment!  However, you may be asked to complete a short reading assignment  prior to your first class meeting.  More information will be provided during Fall Welcome Week.